Trucking Services

Tank , Specialized, and Oilfield Hauling

Specialized and Oilfield Trucking Services

Tank Cradle Trailer

No Crane Necessary

Oversized Loads

Trailers for Heavy and Long loads

Oilfield Winch

Winch on Skids and Tanks

We have a fleet of specialized trailers for hauling heavy equipment, long loads and large tanks. Our extending lowboy will give the clearance you need with longer equipment. Our tank cradle trailer will position your tank without the added expense of a crane. We have winch and oilfield tail roll as well as scissors neck units for easy equipment loading.

  • 10 ft wide trailer

  • Scissor Neck (folding neck) trailer

  • Oilfield Tail Roll Trailers with pop up rollers

  • Light weight Aluminum Deck Trailer

  • Lowboy with detachable neck

  • Trombone (extendable deck) trailer

  • Tank Cradle Trailer

    • Quickly and Safely tip tanks